lundi 6 février 2012

On my way to finding you: le coming out d'un chanteur de country canadien

Le chanteur de country canadien Drake Jensen a fait son coming out au travers du video clip My Way
To Finding You, que Jensen a dédicacé à Jamie Hubley, un jeune d'Ottawa qui s'est suicidé en octobre après avoir subi des attaques homophobes. Jensen apparait dans la video aux cotés de son mari. La chanson fait partie du premier album du vocaliste qui est sorti en mai dernier et a reçu un accueil favorable de la critique au Canada et aux Etats-Unis. Jensen a raconté qu'étant jeune il a été lui-meme victime d'homophobie.

On My Way To Finding You

I remember running out the screen door
Racing down the driveway on my bike
Past the corn out in the fields
And the blackbirds on the wires
With the dirt roads flyin' high beneath my stingray tires
Down to the river on a summer afternoon
Just a farm boy running wild
On my way to finding you
Down the hallways of my learning with my school friends
And on the playing field where we all fought so hard
And then after graduation in the real world and the bars
Past the faces I was searching to fill the hunger in my heart
And on to the bottom... of every dead end road that I came to
I was a man on a mission....on my way to finding you
Now I'm not sure what I did so right
To find someone who loves like you do
As if all of my wandering days
Was a journey I was meant to make it through
On my way to finding you................on my way to finding you

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